No real point to this post except to celebrate the fact that this crusty old bitch is running again and I'm finally back in the woods. Got a few hours in Sunday and damn it was good.

Few things to note:

- The Dunlop 606 was superb for a DOT. Totally changing my technique vs. the shagged Shinko I was on last fall. Much meatier and heavier and you can feel it in the power a bit, but it was chugging up hills like a boss.
- New clutch cable and finally got the routing & setup correct. Fought with this clutch all last year and I can actually one-finger it now with the Pro Taper, and it's amazing.
- I can't believe what a tank the DR is. Fully expected another rebuild or at least a top end after last year, persistent oil leak lead to several very low lube and very hot situations
- Replacing the A/F screw with a Procycle screw was the best $25 decision I've made in a while. Cue my amazement at 1-2 kick starts, cold OR hot. This is new territory for me after literally fighting this bike for 30-40 minutes at times last year
- They closed one of my favorite local trail segments and totally screwed up my favorite route! Oh well.
- Removed my beautiful but extremely heavy Immix rack and looking at making my own side bags

Hopefully didn't just jinx myself but things are looking up. New tires, brakes, misc stuff. Now to get these wheel bearings, swingarm bearings, fork seals done. Finally cleaned up the insane rats nest of wires from the street conversion and replacing everything with waterproof connectors, removing about 40" of useless wiring at the same time.

I'll be so happy to get another year out of this setup!

What are you guys taking in the woods this year?