Hey Everyone,

A much belated follow up on the ride! I wanted to attach a few photos that sum up the day. It was truly amazing to see the support people provided from this ride. We deemed it another success and are looking forward to it next year. Many of you gave from afar and we appreciate that.

So many kids are about to go back to school and we all know that the children of the Guy E. Rowe School in Norway, ME will have the materials and supplies they need to be successful thanks to your help. The looks on the faces of the children, parents and faculty from the day of the ride is something I will not forget, and I hope you don't either!

Thanks again for all the support and a big shout out to my Maine riders who help make this ride possible, Tim, John, Mike, Alec. Also Cheese has been a supporter from the start and I couldn't have done it without him.

By the way, what is Kenn doing in that picture? Hungry?

3rd Annual Back Roads for Backpacks Ride- Portland, ME-ruths-ride-kenn-backpack-jpg3rd Annual Back Roads for Backpacks Ride- Portland, ME-ruths-ride-signs-bikes-jpg3rd Annual Back Roads for Backpacks Ride- Portland, ME-ruths-ride-jpg