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Da Weeeers and da beach!

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    Da Weeeers and da beach!

    Just got back from Newburyport/ Plum Island and a great weekend.

    Rode about 300 miles yesterday and then ended up on the strip for some sluts and scenery. We left manchester around 10:30am and got back around 11:00pm. It was a great day of riding and exploring. We found some "dual sport" shit in and around the east washington area.

    Passed out as soon as we got home and then headed to the beach today. What a great weekend.


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    Re: Da Weeeers and da beach!

    Originally posted by rmbbikes
    . What a great weekend.

    Have to agree. I had a great weekend at Jay's and hit up da weirs on Sun befroe departing to get a coupla shirts. Too hot to even bother with pictures of chix but the scenery was nice down there.

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    Da Weeeers and da beach!

    Great week overall.
    I love bike week.

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    Da Weeeers and da beach!

    Sick weekend and my body is killing me.

    Wednesday - Hill Climb and Bars. The hill climb was sick. I picked up some new sponsors for the 2007 races. At night got kicked out of the bars 4 times and lost my buddy Keith. The switch shirts put on hat only worked for 10 minutes until I got kicked out again.

    Thursday - Bull riding at the broken spoke. Lasted 20 hard seconds and tore every muscle in my right arms. It was a damn wild ride...

    Friday - Friends drove up and meet up with them. Went down to the strip. Had to fight off al those damn girls wanting rides. I ride solo bitches!

    Saturday - Low sided the dirt bike at 45 mph. Rashed up my ass and left wrist. Had a great nurse who bandaged me up. Thank you and I still think you need to wear your nurse outfit next time!!! Then went on a nice ride to the falls. Went for a swim in the rapids. Damn was that water moving fast. Took lots of energy to get out of that.

    Sunday went to Domenics Auto and Jeep (www.domsjeep.com). He had some sexy bitch over doing some modeling for his new website coming out. Then went to Maine with Domís family for Father's day. We were right on the water and had some great food and company.

    Great weekend!!!

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    ~ FTrain

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