Date: Wednesday, 10/3
Time: Meet at 9AM, leave at 9:30AM
Place: MM
Destination: hmm, maybe north. Susie at BCM wanted the distances mapped out for their October 7th Fall Foliage Ride, so maybe we can do that route. Depends on the desire of the group.
Highlights: You get to ride. Take advantage of it. You will be freezing and bitchin' about NOT riding soon enough.
Pace: Don't even go there. Everyone knows that we always ride responsibly. Don't drink and drive, don't do drugs, ride within your limits and abilities, God Bless America, and all other politically correct statements go here < >

On a more serious not I like to use these rides to hone and sharpen street skills. You should practice SOMETHING on every ride. Don't make it just a drone to some destination. Try to learn something every time you ride. Get smoother, brake more consistent, practice throttle control on straights and hard(er) throttle on exits, late apex, get a knee dow,,,umm, gently increase your lean angle. Practice, practice, practice. If you are newer, try following the lines of the more experienced riders. Sharpen your skills.

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