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McLovin's @ Gengras 28 AUG 2010

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    McLovin's @ Gengras 28 AUG 2010

    Hey guys, my bro-in-law's band is playing at Gengras on Saturday for an outdoor party that their having. These guys are amazing! 3, 16 year old musical prodigy's playing jam (jazz/rock/blues) music at a level that will blow your mind. Check them out:


    If your not doing anything, it's a great way to get out and support some local musicians!

    I'll be there on the Tuono (for sale) if anyone wants to check it out

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    Re: McLovin's @ Gengras 28 AUG 2010

    McLovin? Were you violating that young girl? Were you violating her with your penis?

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    Support the Troops! (Except for Mondo, that guy's a dick)

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