Date: Saturday, October 6th
Time: All day
Place: BCM Motorsports, 229 Messer Street, Laconia, NH
Highlights: Come see all the wonderful Ducatis and rub elbows with the Ducatisti as you enjoy the hospitality of my personal pit crew, the BCM team. BCM has expanded and completely remodeled the street-front property at their location. The new building will be a showroon and will showcase the entire line-up of Ducatis. BCM also sells high end components, trick Ducati Performance carbon fiber pieces, quality Ducati clothing, hats, etc.

I will be taking the family in the Mercedes SUV rather than riding to this event. For directions to BCM, visit, www.bcmducati.com, under the 'about' section you will find a map and driving / riding directions. Pretty easy to get to and always a nice ride.

Hope to see you there.

2001 Ducati 748S
1999 Ducati 748 - for sale