Date: Sunday, October 7th
If you want to ride there:

Meet at MM at 9:00AM. We will leave at 9:30AM sharp

Event Time: 10AM - 4PM
Event Place: Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation, Brookline, MA
Highlights: Admire all of the fabulous Euopeans. Nooo, not the people, the bikes!! Ducatis, BMW's, Triumphs, Nortons, vintage, new, everything will be there. Japanese bike owners are not invited...haha, boy wouldn't THAT be 'politically incorrect' -- of course they are invited. They do most of the ooohing and aahhing.
Admission: $5 to get into the event, this includes free admission to the auto museum too. $10 if you want to enter the 'best of show' event and try to compete for trophys, ribbons, etc. Hint: if you are on some old piece of shit, you won't win. LMFAO

Directions to Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation from West (Rte. 128/ I-95)

Take Rte. 128/ I-95 to Rte. 9 towards Boston. You will eventually pass the Chestnut Hill Mall on your left. Six lights after the Mall, you come to a major intersection (approx. 5 miles from Rte 128/ Rte. 9 intersection). Take a right onto Lee St. (If you pass the reservoir on Rte. 9 youíve gone to far). Follow Lee to itís end. This is Newton St. Turn left onto Newton St. Stay to the right around the bend. The museum is in Larz Anderson Park which is 1/4 mile on the left.

You can also check out their website at