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HEY LADIES!! Just wanted to let you all know about a really great group Sportbike Track Time. They do events mostly in MI and OH, but have some events at BeaveRun, Pocono, VIR, NCMSP, and FL. They offer Special Pricing for women! ONLY $75 PER DAY! Thats less then 1/2 the price of MOST track days! And I can not speak highly enough about the people who organize this track day. They are very safety oriented, and divide the sessions into 3 groups (like most) Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The DIFFERENCE is, at most locations- they provide LUNCH...but the best is for the Beginner group they offer classroom instruction and about 5 students to one intructor. You have a classroom session, then a track session to work on what you'd discussed in the classroom- and the instructors will definitely give you feedback- both on and off the track. They really want to see you excel!!
My friend Mary and I are DEFINITELY signed up for the JULY 5th and 6th Track days at VIR south (a fun, technical course)...I'd love to see a lot of women there, esp since if the SBTT program is successful and results in more women on the track!!!

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OH!! I totally forgot. There IS free camping there, its pretty basic (i.e no electricity hookups for each site), but there is a decent shower there and last time they had the control building open so you could use the electricity in there for things like cell phones, etc. Its got nice, flat areas to pitch tents- and its over the 4th of July weekend so most people will be off Fri! Drive down Fri and Drive home Mon! Or do one track day, drive down Fri, drive home Sun! Mary and I are trying to get as many women (and men!) as possible...Men, your price for the event is $135 each day- still not too expensive.