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My 2 cents worth...

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    My 2 cents worth...

    It was great to get back to the track, having missed the races in April. I had a great time despite the rain. It was good to see everyone.
    Many thanks to G-man and Kip for the garage space. That was definately key this weekend !
    I did OK in race 4. Started from the back...as always...someday I am going to have to start pre-registering. Kristin and kids were watching, so I kept it at a pace where I felt comfortable. (you crash in front of the kids and it becomes difficult to get a kitchen pass) I had a lot of fun in that race.
    I sucked in race 13. The family left before the race, so I went out and pushed harder. Came thru turn 2 and the bike got sideways. Feet off the pegs...legs flailing around...big pucker factor. I never regained my confidence the rest of the race.
    I also learned how important Rain-X and a breath guard are. I didn't have either in practice and couldn't see anything. I had both for race 4 (thanks to Kip and G-man) and it made a huge difference.

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    good 2 see your still @ it gordo

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    Heres a condom. I figured since youre acting like a dick, you should dress like one too.

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    My 2 cents worth...

    Good to have you back at the track. I am sure you heard about Sunday.. I didn't get any tracktime this weekend.


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