Wednesday: Bike parts were supposed to be delivered to re-assemble entire motor...didn't show up

Thursday: Repeat Wednesday

Friday night at 8PM: Still no parts, so we made the shims we needed for the top end re-build....put in new piston, cylinder, valve springs, etc and got it back together.

Saturday Morning 1:30AM: Got back to track and went to a friends garage to get some good lith to put the rest of the bike back together...when I got there, guy's came out of the walls to help...Jay, Jersey, and several other guy's lended a hand...Johnny B hung out with us too!

Saturday morning:: tip toe around trying to break in the goes pretty well and the motor feels MUCH stronger...heeheee!!!

Saturday morning second practice: As I go through the laps I turn it up more and more until I am once again ringing it's neck. Motor is waaay stronger, crisper, and my motor guy messed with the jetting and the throttle cables to make her super responsive...I love it!

Saturday, LW Sportsman: Doing very well for most of the race..leading the pack for a while...coming through T11A when the front end washes and I watch my lead go into the shitter as Zach Lee goes I pop right up and jump on...whack the gas and proceed to spit the bike out from under me 2 crashes within 30 seconds of each other and no more than 5 feet apart from each other..very stupid....but I wasn't used to how snappy the bike was so I screwed myself pretty bad trying to figure it out I'd say.

Saturday night: drink tons of beers because that shit that TheIceBox brought was DAMN GOOD SHIT!!!!

Sunday first practice: tyre pressures seem to be way off because I am pushing the front end everywhere and backing out of corners everywhere...hmm???

Sunday second practice: backing it up the hill out of T3 when she goes way out on me..I try to keep her up but she slides out with my leg stuck under her and proceeds to drag me accross the dirt and promptly into the damn concrete barrier splitting T4 from T7/8.
My right leg was gronsel'd(Pete Cates word).

Sunday Dirtbike Race: SHITTY START!!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! Worst start ever....made up some good ground but just couldn't catch Mazzo(#833). Ended up taking 3rd. Leg is still gronsel'd

Sunday Super Singles: good start finally. I think I was so pissed about falling so many damn times that I just put my head down for this one. Danny Nassar(#316) was running real well and so was Mazzo(#833). I battled with them both for more than half the race. But when Danny was drag racing some dude down the front stretch, I took the opportunity to smolder by them both using the draft of two people to suck me in and shoot me by them into T1. Never looked back, won the race. felt great to win after such a frustrating series of crashes and events. Leg very much gronsel'd at this point.

Thanks to all my teammates, friends, and folks that came to watch and help out.

Pete Cates: congrats on the win brotha! You had a helluva run!

Paul: Damn man, you be so fast on that little thing...I can't fathom how oyu do it! But great run bro! The championship looks good for you!

Petey and clayton...great runs guy's.

Sax: Is your bike gronsel'd? I love that word....

Justin did well too...he ran real fast!

Geno you animal!!! YOu ran real well!!! good job! HAWK RACING!

Oxx shows up with a new muffler as usual..will it pop? hmm....Nope, it didn't! He had issues with his damn clutch cable so he missed one of his races, which sucked. Then he got everything squared away and ran real well. good showing Oxx my brotha!

Alex is a smelly rotten beotch for not racing this weekend!!

Oh and Jersey ran real well too..about time he got those mind games under control....he ran real fast when he put his head down. I was very impressed.

Thanks everyone! see you in acouple weeks.