As some of you know, I will not be racing next year as I am getting married next July and Tux's don't look good with crutches.

My race bike will be going on sale at the end of this year, and I would love for it to stay with NESR racing. I will be asking $5500 for the bike and all my parts and equipment (stands, tire warmers, special tools, spare wheels etc etc) Basically it will be a turnkey race kit. The bike will be on tip-top condition and I would stick my neck out and say that it is easily the fastest F4 at Loudon. The bike has about 7k miles on it and the motor is a Dan Kyle built unit. The frame has been optimized by computrack and it has Ohlins rear suspension and revalved/resprung forks. The bike has a salvage title.

Here is the kicker....

I am willing to take payments on the bike IF it stays with NESR racing, with the option to buy it back the following year if I want to. Payments will be no less than $1000 per calenday month, and the bike will not be sold until after the last race weekend of the year.

If anyone out there is thinking of starting racing then this is a golden opportunity to start with NESR on a great bike.

Anyone wanting to buy the bike and race with the team next year will have to be considered by the owners of first for their approval.

I will still be coming to the track and i plan on actively being involved with the NESR race team next year in some kind of pit-lacky/fundraiser position.

Over and out.