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NESR Racing sponsorship update.

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    NESR Racing sponsorship update.

    As you already probably know, the NESR racing team has been accepted by Woodcraft-CFM for sponsorship for the 2003 season. We are not willing to divulge the extent of sponsorship suffice to say it is a very generous gesture considering we will consist of 50% new unproven riders next season. Woodcraft is a very well respected company in the roadracing fraternity and especially at Loudon where the owners of the company (and also the owners of Penguin Racing School) race themselves. This means we will be under their spotlight AT ALL TIMES this season. Please bear this in mind whilst at the track as you never know who might be watching. If you need clip-ons, rearsets, stands, tire warmers or an aftermarket exhaust system and you want to order from Woodcraft (www.woodcraft-cfm.com) please please please mention NESR racing when you place your order. It might get you a discount (never hurts to ask) and it will go a long way towards nurturing our relationship with Woodcraft. Woodcraft-CFM is the ONLY supplier of clip-ons and rearsets to Team NESR racing.

    On another sponsorship note, I have been accepted into Lockhart-Phillips team privateer program (details of which i'm not telling either) suffice to say again that it is a nice financial help when buying parts and racing supplies. Lockhart Phillips "Speedscreen V2" is the ONLY windshield I will be using this season.

    OK, that's the contractual obligations filled as regards them two sponsors, now the search for others is underway. Tires and brakes next.


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    Thumbs up NESR Racing sponsorship update.

    great stuff, mate

    keep 'em coming...

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