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Racing Schedule...photos

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    2003 Racing Schedule...photos needed?

    I don't know if you need this or not, but I thought I would offer...

    Although I'm pretty far away, I still will try to make it to as many of the races as possible...

    I have a pretty nice Digital Camera and if there are any race days that are more important than others then I am willing to take a couple hundred shots and burn them on to CD Roms to pass out to other members.... Or you guys can sell them for site support...whatever...

    Just a thought.. you may already have this done for you, but just in case...



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    Racing Schedule...photos

    Hey if you have a website with your pictures can you post the URL?


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    Hey Ben,

    I actually don't have a website with my personal work.. I just do it for fun, and then burn them at home. I've gotten pretty decent with some of the photoshop stuff, as well as printing t-shirts and stuff...

    Website maybe in the near future though...


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