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my new toybox & hotel

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    my new toybox & hotel

    Originally posted by Dave B
    wait a minute... can you play with yourself even if people DO like you? See, I have this friend...
    Well I suppose, if there's noone suitable around. Otherwise it could be a sign of narcissism.

    Ah, but you're in the military. In that case, according to my former roommate, you're excepted. Something about "recommended daily excercises to maintain proper dexterity of the firing muscles". Said it was in the handbook (npi)

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    my new toybox & hotel

    I bought that trailer used with the a/c unit in place. Yes you have to leave the outside door open in order to run the a/c. BUt who cares, atleast it isn't hot in the trailer in the summer time.

    I went to a thule dealer and was told that unless you order a trailer set up ahead of time to have an ac unit on the roof , you would have to send the trailer back to thule for modification unless you knew an aluminum welder that would weld in more supports in the roof to support the roof mounted unit.
    Seeing as the guy that owned it before me insulated the roof and put in a celing and lights, I figured I would leave the a/c unit as is.

    Due to the simple fact that all I needed was a dry place to stay that was a step above a tent this worked out perfect for me. Besides I didn't want to have to buy a bigger truck to haul around a heavy toy hauler for the handful of times we use it a season.

    And just to clarify it isn't ghetto, its hill billy

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