I hope you're comfy, 'cause it's a long one.

Ok, so Friday practice went great. Until the track got wet. I crashed in turn 11 and hurt my shoulder. Oops, got back up, picked up the bike and limped it back through to pits. No big deal, pulled off the mashed fairing and zip-tied a plastic numberplate on. I thought I'd hate it, but I don't.

Saturday comes. With the pouring rain. Great, I have no rain tires. Oh well, I'll just take it easy, how bad can it be? Morning practice comes, the bike stalls in turn 10 and won't start. Push it back to the pits. Great start. Find out the fuel pump stopped working. A light tap-tap gets it working again, good, I didn't have time for any serious repairs. The bike is running great now. I'm only in one race today. My race comes up, pouring rain is scary while racing a bike. I'm the only one in the race without rain tires, great, just don't crash. I end up in second place off the start and end up getting passed by many in the first two corners. I don't care, I'm just trying not to crash. Then three people crash during the first lap and they red flag it. The next start I'm in first place turn 1, and probably 4th place by 2. Once again on street tires!(trying to justify) I ride four laps faster then I ever thought possible in the rain, all the while dodging crashers all over the place. Damn scary, I was slipping and sliding all over! At the end of my fourth lap the bike once again stalls. DAMN! I was doing awesome(well, ok. I was still up)! I manage to push it back through the pits. I pull the fuel pump off and find that the relay is full of water, due to where it was mounted on the bike and the relay cover being damaged in the Friday crash. Oh well. I remounted it under the undertail and sealed it up so it's fine now.

Ok, three races on Sunday. Drive up to the track and notice alot of folks on their way back towing bikes. Hmmm, get in and I"m told that they are evacuating the track due to flooding. GREAT! Talk to a few friends, meet some new ones, pack up my shizzle and head out. Maybe next time. I'll have slicks and rains.
Thank you all for the help! You guys rock!