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Changing Handelbars/Red Loctite...

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    Changing Handelbars/Red Loctite...

    I recently purchased new handlebars for my 2004 Ninja 250. When I bought the bike (used) both bars were bent a little. Two weeks ago someone knocked my motorcycle over and as a result the right one is bent badly enough that I decided to replace them.

    The screw at the butt-end of the handlebars was installed at factory with red loctite. I took a shot at loosening this screw last night with a large screw driver with no luck.

    Does anyone out there have suggestion for getting these screws off? I don't really want to buy an impact driver...


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    Re: Changing Handelbars/Red Loctite...

    Are you talking about the screws that hold the plate on to the triple, or the weight screw?

    Either or, I've found that applying a little heat to the bolt will help to loosen up that loctite. Also, use the biggest screwdriver you can find and put a pair of vice grips on the screw driver, then press inward as hard as you can (so that the bolt doesn't strip) and twist with the vice grips. It will come off.

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    Re: Changing Handelbars/Red Loctite...

    I think hes talking about the bar-end weight screws. They have quite a bit of loctite on them.

    A little heat might help, but it'll be tough to get the heat to go where you need it without melting your grips. If you don't care about the grips, cut them off and torch away!

    Big warning to you that those are probably JIS heads, NOT PHILLIPS. Even if they look like phillips. If you do not have a JIS screw driver, you can do it with a regular philllips but you need to be extra careful. http://www.instructables.com/id/When...ot-a-Phillips/

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    I severely doubt the "red loctite" applied from the factory was indeed red loctite. I am pretty sure their stuff doesn't match the loctite color chart. I seem to remember a story of someone using red on their fairing bolts because of this confusion.
    My point is if its not coming off its probably bent. Sawzall that shit and buy better bar ends. My. 02

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    Re: Changing Handelbars/Red Loctite...

    Try putting the screwdriver against the screw and tapping sharply with a hammer.

    ( EX250 handle bars are held in with BA screws on the triple tree end NOT the bar weight ends. )

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    Re: Changing Handelbars/Red Loctite...

    If it is in fact the bar end (weights) screws...one trick I have found to work is to use a shorter screwdriver in one hand, and also turn the bar weight at the same time with the other hand. Twice the pressure/help in loosening the bolt.

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    Re: Changing Handelbars/Red Loctite...

    Just whack it with a hammer and give a real goo dole college try. I don't know anything about this JIS stuff? Do you mean jizz? Like the kind that come out of the end of my bar?


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