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LT80 Ignition

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    LT80 Ignition

    Hi guys need some help on the old ignition.

    Just bought an LT80 2004 and got given the old spares nick sitting nxt to it too! Bonus, or maybe not.

    So after spending to much on carboy and battery. i decided enough's enough! so I've taken the ignition of the good bike and started this bike up and gone for a run, goes alright but i suspect it requires a new belt soon.

    Ok. So i can't work out how to wire a toggle switch in.... these bikes have 4 wires going to ignition, they are:

    Red - Orange - BW - BY

    I have a 3 way toggle Earth - Supply & Live? i zippo on electrics.... i have can't seem to work the configuration out. (they also have brake safety for ignition)

    A Detail of what i need to do would be much appreciated....


    heres a link to a diagram from a similar post but no explanation that i was able to understand/see...

    Thanks heaps

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    Re: LT80 Ignition

    that was my thread, but i typically don't give hot-wiring instruction as response to post #1.

    Anyone else?

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    Re: LT80 Ignition

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitt View Post
    that was my thread, but i typically don't give hot-wiring instruction as response to post #1.

    Anyone else?
    Yes it was, and you have a handy wiring diagram on there and i thought you would help as you happily received and got guidance in bypassing the Ignition-Key. I am not to sure what the difference is?

    Hopefully someone can help us out before we go away sunday??? Please........

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    Re: LT80 Ignition

    And thats why i put a link to your page. thinking you would help. so what if its my first post i needed some help advice is that what forums are for, perhaps not?

    Not to sure the difference, considering you were bypassing the ignition, still hot-wiring.

    Another forum had some handy tips. was pretty simple if you understand electrics and safeties etc, and i don't. thats why i thought id look for some help.

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    Re: LT80 Ignition

    Replied twice and you have allowed my response, to Kitt......... Not sure the point of a forum if you can't have a conversation to fix the issue @nestreetriders!
    Thanks ATV Forum, your support was wonderful ....

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