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Rear Brake Problem

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    Rear Brake Problem

    My rear brake on my Duc has never worked for any length of time. I bleed it and it seems to work for a short time and then...NOTHING. I can push the lever all the way down and I have no stopping power at the rear, at all ! I've already had the master cylinder replaced, but the new one (2yrs now) is having the same problem as the old one. I don't often use the rear brake, so it's not a major problem, but what happens when I might need it...

    Anyone else with Brembo brakes have any experience with this and a possible solution ? I don't want to take it to BCM only to have to pay $150 for another M/C .


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    Rear Brake Problem

    The rear caliper on my ZRX stopped working a coupla weeks ago. Let me rephrase that, the caliper worked fine but with it having detached itself from the hanger and riding on top of the rim an inch or so away from the rotor with the pads clamped together, it was much less effective.........

    I know, not any help, but a free *bump*.

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    Rear Brake Problem

    John...have you tried the msg. boards for your model? I wonder if it is replaceable with other models from Ducs that don't encounter the issue. Judging by the replacement shitting the bed, this could be a design flaw or it may ned more regular overhaul (probably due to design flaw ...especially if you have exprerience bleeding brakes)

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    Rear Brake Problem

    does it come back after pumping the brakes up?

    If so I would think a warped rotor to be the culprit.

    just a thought.


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