No full race report for Round 4, but a short recap: Spent the full LRRS event on the FZR hoping to get back up to speed. Instead, I spent the weekend turning 22s, not what I wanted. 5th in ULGP which keeps me 3rd overall for the moment, but it's clear the Kramers are dominating and my current pace will have Brett Guyer moving past me shortly, and Jake Vader and Larry Stuteville are waiting in the wings drop me down the chart as well.

I made some progress getting past one mental road block, going deeper on the throttle into 1, and after some coaching from GMD Computrack Boston and Dan Pletea I started to clean up my body position but it feels like one step forward, three steps backwards looking at my times in comparison to last year. I've got a bunch of things to work on, both on the bike and in my head, hopefully I can find some speed next round?