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AM #107 Round #3

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    AM #107 Round #3

    The classic was short for me. I graduated and recieved my masters degree on Friday so I kinda had to miss thursday practice and Friday Races. As soon as graduation was done though, I left school with my trailer in tow and headed south.

    I want to start this off by recognizing John (Trouble) and let everyone know how great of a friend and a person he is. I've known John for going on 5 years now and he has been awesome. Every time I've needed a hand, or someone else has, John's quick to give you what he can, and help you in any way. For me, this past weekend, it was a battery. Like a bonehead, I had left my transponder wired up since round #1 and I went out to find my battery completely dead. I didn't have a charger and being at school, I wasn't able to get it charged up properly. I arrive at the track on friday afternoon and John is right there with a charger, and a spare battery that he let me race with. I feel like over the years, I owe him more than just a few words on an internet page so I will have to make it up to him. I just wanted to make it public so that people know about him and how he is.

    The LDR guys are awesome too. Great group of guys that have taken us VT guys in. Its great hanging out with them and having a good time.

    That being said, I went out for practice saturday morning a little rusty still and trying to get confidence back in the bike. I end up turning 30's. The bike feels ok, but nothing phenomenal. Second practice is a little better with some 28's and 27's, but still not where I want to be.

    Race #9 LWSB

    So the start was meh... I was gridded inside on row 4 (4A). By far the biggest grid I've ever raced with. I pass a couple people, get passed by a couple people, and go about 4 wide into 1. I got caught up in a group so by the end of the first lap, the main group left me, and I was ahead of a group of others. Churned out a few laps, lost two positions, and finished 16th. Not great but hey, thats racing. I clicked off a couple 27's again.

    What I am having a hard time with is that I left last year, racing Septembers round, running 23's and 24's. Between the winter and Round 1 with my get-off, I'm back 3-4 seconds where I should be. Thinking about it, I don't feel like I can feel what's going on under the tires as well as I used to. Maybe because they are getting older and more worn and I just don't have the confidence in them. I'm thinking about jumping ship to try something different to get my semi-fast back. Going by my old times, I'm not too far off the main pack that I'm racing with and it would be a lot more fun. Guess i'll have to go with darkduc and maybe try some dunlops........

    Seen you all at round #4

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    Re: AM #107 Round #3

    Congrats on the graduation and the safe weekend. I may have some footage of you in LWSB as I started almost dead last and worked my way through...not sure how much or how little, but may be something you're interested in.

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    Re: AM #107 Round #3

    were you on the motard that blew by me on like lap 3 or 4 in T3?

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    Re: AM #107 Round #3

    I'm glad you had a good weekend! It may not have been all you'd hoped for but you'll get your fast back. It took me a long time to regain my confidence so I feel your pain. I'm psyched you made it back down to the track and I'm looking forward to racing with you soon!

    Thanks for the very kind words but you certainly don't owe me anything. I'm just passing along the good deeds that other people have done for me.

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    Re: AM #107 Round #3

    +1 on John. I have to thank him for his 1 gallon of sweetness.

    good seeing you.

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    Re: AM #107 Round #3

    To hell with racing, congrats on graduating!!!! The fact that you can do that and still turn laps makes pretty much the best weekend ever.

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