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AM #396 LRRS Round 6: I love the taste of carrots!

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    AM #396 LRRS Round 6: I love the taste of carrots!

    Busy week for me so Im going to keep this review nice and short.

    I arrived around 3 on Friday; unloaded then had the guys at MTaG / Pirelli throw on a fresh set for me and I was ready to go for the morning.

    Wave 3 Grid 14A
    I was a bit timid, it being my first race as an AM and also being a GT but I went into it ready. Unfortunately on our out lap there was a bad crash, which didn't help my confidence. (hope those involved are okay) After about 20 minutes in the pits they called us back out. I was able to stay mid pack through out the race. Entering my 11th lap I heard the unmistakeable sound of #29 Michael Weyant's Kawasaki on my tail. As he past me into T1 I TEMPTED (of course) to mimicic and maintain pace with him. I was able to keep him within a visual distance of 50-100 feet through a full lap, which resulted in me obtaining a new PB!
    Finished 9th out of 14
    Out Lap 1:30.242
    Best Lap 1:20.864 and New PB!

    Middleweight Grand Prix
    Wave 2 Grid 12B
    I was once again able to stay mid pack for the first lap. On my second lap, I let my clutch out to quick on my downshifts and the rear got to squirrelly to tip in and I got to take my first loop around the NASCAR T1-2. This put me dead last and had some ground to gain, unfortunately with only 6 laps I didn't have much opportunity to make up time. However I was able to gain two positions by the end.
    Finished 21 out of 23
    Out Lap 1:27.951
    Best Lap 1:20.903

    Middleweight Supersport
    Wave 2 Grid 10D
    After about 2 laps I ended up on the tail of #123 Chris Dove and stayed on pace with him though out. I had a chance or two to pass but were not worth the risk. So I took the rest of the race to work on my lines and watch his.
    Finished 17th out of 21
    Out Lap 1:29.393
    Best Lap 1:20.905

    Middleweight Superbike
    Wave 2 Grid 10C
    I was having some issues with my drive out of the bowl, so after a talk with #375 Ken Condon and #49 Steve Heider. I decide to work on adding a down shift into the bowl and a up sift pre 7. I kept with the pack but with traffic I couldn’t advance much more after the first 3 laps.
    Finished 13th out of 17
    Out Lap 1:27.760
    Best Lap 1:20.909

    I would like to think it was a successful AM debut. I set a new PB and ran it constantly, and I didn't finish last.

    For myself Im finding more and more reference points and quarks about the track and using them more efficiently. My launches were great in the Novice class but clearly not up to AM snuff yet.

    My bike is running and riding incredibly well and couldn’t be happier. I did start noticing some brake fading in T1 and T3. It is defiantly due for a M/C rebuild but I may also just upgrade to some new shinny bits for round 7

    For those of you that had an unlucky weekend I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back out there soon.

    New PB of 1:20.864 - from a 1:22.075 so -1.211

    AM GTU - 9th out of 14
    AM Middleweight Grand Prix - 21 out of 23
    AM Middleweight Superbike - 13 out of 17
    AM Middleweight Supersport - 17 out of 21

    Current standings in LRRS

    Rookie Championship 2nd with 148 Points
    Amateur Championship 105 with 40 Points

    Amateur GTU - 25 overall out of 31 - 16 Points
    Amateur Grand Prix - 41 overall out of 57 - 4 Points
    Amateur Middleweight Superbike - 33 out of 49 - 12 Points
    Amateur Middleweight Supersport - 26 out of 69 - 8 Points

    Novice Formula 1 - 1st overall out of 51 (1 DNF) - 100 Points
    Novice Formula 2 - 2nd overall out of 62 (1 DNS & 1 DNF) - 81 Points
    Novice Rookie 2 - 1st place out of 52 - 125 Points
    Novice Starter 2 - 1st out of 38 - 135 Points

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    Re: AM #396 LRRS Round 6: I love the taste of carrots!

    BAM! Way to make it happen out there, Matt! Looking strong and time continues to drop. Keep it up!

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    Re: AM #396 LRRS Round 6: I love the taste of carrots!

    GTU is fun isn't it? how were you lap times at the end compared to the beginning? I often lose a couple spots around the middle then gain them back when people get tired and I keep plugging along getting faster. that crash on lap 1 really screwed me as I was third on track going into t11 when the red flag came out. only Jack and Clarence ahead of me. I was so pumped going into T1 at the start.

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