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ECK Racing #82 2014 season wrap-up.

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    ECK Racing #82 2014 season wrap-up.

    First, the (comparatively unimportant) race stats:

    LWGP - 2nd overall (188 points, 6 podiums).
    Finishes: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 3rd, 4th, 3rd, 3rd
    A win in the rain on the first weekend & a 2nd in the May round meant I led the class until round 4; definitely a spot I wasn't used to! By round 4 or 5 Scotty & Ricky caught up and took over the top two spots. In the end I finished 2nd, just 3 points over Ricky Doucette who had visor issues in the last race of the year. Luuuucky. But I'll take it.

    LWSB - 3rd overall (184 points, 5 podiums).
    Finishes: 2nd, 2nd, 4th, 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd

    LWSS - 3rd overall (168 points, 5 podums).
    Finishes: 7th, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 9th
    Unfortunately, my "feature" class was my most inconsistent but I'm glad I was still able to pull off a podium spot at the end of the year. A risky tire decision on the first weekend where I went out with a rain front & a DOT rear SHOULD have been the best call of the year, but it turned out to be the wrong one when the skies opened back up on the warm-up lap. Had that not happened I bet I woulda had a shot at the Championship. And then the last race of the year, while chasing Ricky for nothing more than glory, I decided to skip my bike across the pavement in the middle of turn 2. But with the help of the cornerworkers ( ) and Jim Rich I was able to finish the race and take the last checkered flag for my 2014 season.

    Second & far more importantly:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who's supported me & all of the other racers over the years... My teammates, friends, family, of course Jackie... and all our sponsors; Arcy from OTM, the fine folks at Woodcraft, Street & Comp, Pine Motor Parts in Nashua, all the crew at Tony's Track Days, you all kick ass...

    Jackie gets the Most Valuable Girlfriend award, but I think the Most Valuable SPONSOR of the year has to be Peter Kates of GMD Computrack for helping me out with my KTech suspension & being there for me and all us every single round. I still can't believe how well that shit works, especially in the wet. Simply unreal. Thanks, Pete!

    I'll prob add more stuff to this as I think of it, but I figured I'd get it out there.

    PS... Racers, friends of racers, track staff, cornerworkers, etc.... basically each & every one of you folks that comes up to LRRS... you guys are all awesome. Thanks for helping to make this series what it is.

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    Re: ECK Racing #82 2014 season wrap-up.

    An awesome season for you, Pete. 15.9 PB and 3 overall podiums. There is some stiff competition out there on bikes that push the limits of LW horsepower and you're up there with them on your SS built bike.

    That's SKILL!!

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    Re: ECK Racing #82 2014 season wrap-up.

    You go gaboreeeo!

    Awesome job this year kehd.

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    -Christian LRRS/CCS HasBeen ECK Racing
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    Re: ECK Racing #82 2014 season wrap-up.

    That goatee is FAST!

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    Re: ECK Racing #82 2014 season wrap-up.

    Awesome season Pete!!!

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    Re: ECK Racing #82 2014 season wrap-up.

    Kick ass Pete, what a great season!

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    Re: ECK Racing #82 2014 season wrap-up.

    The results look impressive man, congratulations! Good luck next year/season too.

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