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RSP Racing #721 Race Report - Loudon Classic 2017

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    RSP Racing #721 Race Report - Loudon Classic 2017

    tl;dr: Clean sweep, new PB, and an awesome time fundraising and BBQing.


    The usual Friday, wait no... Thursday this time. Pretty crazy day. I was running around the Hartford area picking up stuff for the weekend while Missy made 150 cornbread muffins for the annual BBQ. We ended up leaving at 2:30 and arrived around 6. Not too bad. Ate some Brookside with the teammates and settled in for the night.


    Only one practice today. Went out and did some 1.30s. didn't feel that great but it was good to get out and ride.

    Just after lunch it started raining. Luckily, and very unlike Loudon, it stayed raining. Which is good because rain tires aren't that great in the misty rain or on-off stuff.

    Race 6 - NOV Formula 3

    This was my first rain race in almost 2 years. I was a bit nervous but the grids we're light so I was hoping to just get out there and be smooth.

    Gridded 1C. Got the holeshot! There's not much to write about this one except I was out in front for the whole race. Towards the end of the race I could see #181 Glenn Cavenaugh gaining on me so I picked up the pace a bit, but didn't overdo it like last round . I also kept yelling at myself to stay loose and only do 1 thing at a time. Apparently that worked because I finished 1st for my first podium of my career. I was quite ecstatic!

    1st of 6
    Outlap: 01:44.195
    Best lap: 01:42.898

    I decided to skip Formula 2 this round as it was a near back to back race (race 8) and I wanted to take it easy this round so I could just enjoy it and not rush around (see Sunday for how that all went to hell haha)

    Friday night was a ton of fun. Steve Heider from ECK went out and bought a ton of hot dogs and hamburgers and invited all the local Center garage peeps to enjoy. It was a really awesome change of pace to the usual "let's go out to X restaurant". We all got to hang around the garages, eat good food and have great conversation. Huge thanks to Dan Pletea as well for cooking all the grill food!


    I decided not to pick up any races for Saturday in order to enjoy the day, maybe take some test rides, watch the racing, and be there to help my teammates.

    Funny enough I didn't end up taking any test rides, but did do a heck of a lot of spectating. It was really fun to watch my friends and teammates race, especially in the LRRS Supermoto event. Keith, Bill, Kyle, and Kurtz all signed up for the minis class, and it was a blast (and hilarious) to watch. I need to do that next year.

    The evening was the annual RSP Racing fundraising BBQ. This year instead of the Hornbecker fund, it was for the benefit of Brett Babaian; the rider I mentioned in my previous race report. He unfortunately lost his foot in an accident last round and the LRRS community has been so generous in its support. An unbelievable amount of people and companies donated raffle prizes, and an even more unbelievable amount of people showed up and bought raffle tickets and/or donated. Because of this, we were able to present Brett with $12,000. almost doubling the amount of money we raised at last years BBQ. We can't thank everyone enough for making this happen for Brett. Definitely one I wont forget!


    The morning from hell! Haha.I figured I'd have plenty of time to swap back to my DOTs, but even though I bought spare rotors for my rains, I forgot to buy bolts for them. Derp. That means I still would need to change my rotors over to my DOTs. In doing so I wadded up the last bolt I needed to remove. Unable to get it out via dremel and screwdriver, Tony was kind enough to show me how to use his EZ out tool. That didn't seem to work either. Last minute, Matt Frois was kind enough to let me borrow a rotor bolt so I could put my spare rotors on my DOT wheels and get out for the last 3 minutes of practice. Thanks dude, you saved my entire day!! I had put a new takeoff rear tire on and it felt GOOD (thanks Mike Randi!). I was kinda bummed I only had a few minutes to practice, but whatev, at least everything felt in order.

    Race 2 - NOV Rookie 3

    Gridded 1A. Holeshot again! This race was going to be work. Rookie #179 Teagg Hobbs came round me on the outside of T2 on the very first lap. I was able to out motor him into T3 and luckily stay ahead of him all the way until T12 when he got under me onto the straight. Again I was able to out motor him into T1, keeping him off me until again, he got me on the outside of T2. We went back and forth the entire race. I think I was able to gain some ground on him when lapping a Rookie 4 rider, but I'm not sure. The race was red flagged on the last lap due to a few Amateur riders getting tangled up at the finish line. We still had 6 turns to go. So had the race been fully completed it may have been another story but I was able to nab the win, but just barely. Such a fun race duking it out with Teagg. Can't wait to do that again! I found out afterwards that I got a PB for this bike on the 2nd to last lap! 1:26.6! That's 3/10s off my previous PB.

    1st of 6
    Outlap: 01:31.446
    Best lap: 01:26.626

    As usual, some thanks to be had; My awesome teammates RSP Racing; My amazing sponsors, MTAG Pirelli, Mad Scientist Moto, SportbikeTrackGear.com, GMD Computrack Boston, Tony's Track Days, Knox, Armor Bodies, and Brunetto Tshirts; All the amazing staff at the track, registration, the officials, flaggers, corner workers, and EMTs. You all make this place run like a top and keep us safe! And always last but never least, my wife Missy (and pup Jamie)! Thanks for coming up to support me this weekend!

    Photo credit to Chainwheel Moto for the awesome pics as usual!

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    Re: RSP Racing #721 Race Report - Loudon Classic 2017

    1:26.xxx .. that's bump times, isn't it?
    You looked great out there on Sunday. Emily and I were pulling for you from outside T1.

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    Re: RSP Racing #721 Race Report - Loudon Classic 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by nhbubba View Post
    1:26.xxx .. that's bump times, isn't it?
    Hasn't changed! He should do itttt

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    Re: RSP Racing #721 Race Report - Loudon Classic 2017


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