tl;dr: A bike that actually works = better lap times.

Round 3

I totally forgot to write a report! Haha. The classic was awesome. I tried two new classes, GTL and Thunderbike, due to the wonky schedule. GTL was a bit damp, but Thunderbike and LWSB were quite dry so I was able to get back down into the 27s, so I was happy!

Pre-Round 4

I sent my bike home with Peter Kates from GMD Computrack for a long overdue suspension refresh. I also had him do the complete chassis service, where he basically takes the whole bike apart and cleans/replaces anything needed. It was totally worth it, as you'll see!


For once, I had everything packed from the night before so I left pretty early. Like 6AM or something. Arrived mid morning to pick up my bike from PK and get the fairings back on. I was thinking of doing practice, but it was pouring all morning and into the afternoon. Not wanting to pay for a full day and only get to ride 3-4 sessions I opted to just relax.


Got up ready to go for practice to try out my new suspension. Now that everything was actually working properly, I was all over the place because I was so used to forcing everything. After getting a hang of things I ended up nailing a few 1:26's in practice. Something I've never done. I was also testing out a new (to me) race start technique that garagemate Josh Cuppek told me about. Holding a single finger on the front brake to allow me to let the clutch out even more. Took me a while to wrap my head around it, but I started to get the hang of it.

Race 2 - AM GTL

Gridded 9A (2nd Wave - 3rd Row). I hate being gridded in the A spot. I always end up getting pinched in T1. Which is exactly what happened. I got a decent start and got maybe half my bike ahead of the 7A rider #343 Rob Pease (1st in our wave), but he shut the door on me in 1 and the whole grid pretty much got around me. Something to work on I suppose! We raced for about 7 minutes of the 25 when someone crashed in T11. After sitting on the grid for about 10 minutes, we were sent back out. I got another decent start but this time Rob got a better start and I was barely able to show him a wheel so he took off, but I managed to get into T1 4th or 5th and hold on to it until T3 when I went really wide for some reason, then the same in T6, and T9. So at that point I figured something was wrong and took myself out of the race before I ended up taking someone else or myself out by crashing. I wasn't sure what was up. I was thinking maybe the suspension wasn't right, but I raced for 7 minutes just fine, so it must have been mental. Turns out it was mental, as almost every lap I turned before the red flag was in the 1:26's and I hit a new PB on the Kawi at 1:26.341. I just chalked it up to heat exhaustion or something and got ready for race 10.

13th of 13 / DNF
Outlap: ???
Best lap: 01:26.341

Race 10 - AM ULSB

Gridded 7A (2nd Wave - 3rd Row). Yet again the A spot haha. Got an even better start this time and ended up 3rd into T1 right behind Rob and #508 Jay Sauvageau. I was able to keep right with them all the way until T12 when Jay hit the dip and wiped out. I had almost 0 time to react and grazed his rear tire as his bike was sliding, sending me to the ground. Both of us were fine, but the bikes were on the race line so they red flagged the race. I was fortunate enough for my bike to start and nothing was damaged save some fairing rash so I rejoined the grid. Jay didn't so I'm guessing he wasn't as lucky or just decided to pit. My start on the restart was okay. I think I ended up 4th or 5th into T1. I was passed by a few of the motard guys, who were basically leaning on me in T1 and T6. Haha! I suppose I'm starting to get used to that kind of close racing. It used to freak me out but I seemed to handle it well. I was starting to get really tired by the end of this race. On lap 6 the EX race leader #81 Pete Gaboriault passed me in T9 and for some reason I thought I was on lap 7, with him on his last lap, so when the flag was flying at the start/finish line I thought it was the checker. It wasn't it was the white flag. So I putzed around until #6 Rick Doucette came by me dragging his knee through T2 and thinking that was strange for a cooldown lap I realized we were still racing. DOH! I got back on the gas and finished the race, but not until two more AM riders got by me, putting me in dead last. I suppose that happens to everyone at least once. It wasn't all for nothing though. Until those last few laps I did consistent 26's and even hit a new PB on the Kawi of 1:25.544!

8th of 9
Outlap: ???
Best lap: 01:25.544

Spent the night with my teammates and friends. Low Down Racing had a surprise birthday party for Bill Morey, so that was fun! Afterwards I was feeling really tired from the day so I hit the hay early.


Practice was great! Practiced more race starts and ended up pulling off more 1:26's.

Race 3 - AM LWSB

Gridded 2A. (1st Wave - 2nd Row). Holy rocketship start. Went right between the guys in 1A and 1B, and I'm pretty sure my front wheel was off the ground until I hit 2nd gear. I was certain I had the holeshot until either Chris Singer or Robert Marsden inched me out in T1. Held onto 2nd until the bowl and 3rd until we made it to the straight. I don't fully remember but I think I screwed up T11-T12 killing my drive onto the straight and lost a bunch of positions there. Either way it was some great, close racing. I even ended up catching up to the back of the novice grid, getting to duke it out with my garage mate #518 Cassie Cuppek on the last lap. I hit yet another PB on the Kawi in that race hitting a 1:25.531. Only about a second off my overall PB (which was on the 600).

8th of 9
Outlap: 01:28.828
Best lap: 01:25.531

After that I packed up, said my goodbyes, and headed on home. Two of the biggest thanks I have this weekend is to GMD Computrack and Josh Cuppek. The suspension changes/refresh from GMD Computrack was directly linked to my success this weekend. It's amazing that I figured I was just hitting a rut, when it turns out the bike just wasn't moving properly. I got a PB in each race I entered this weekend. So huge thanks there! Also the new starting technique Josh bestowed upon me. I didn't really get a chance to try it at round 3, but practiced it this round and it turned out helping me big time on my starts.

Some other thanks to be had; My awesome teammates RSP Racing (and garagemates Cassie and Josh!), everyone had huge gains this weekend in terms of laptimes and poduiums. Nice work guys! My amazing sponsors, MTAG Pirelli, Mad Scientist Moto, GMD Computrack Boston, Tony's Track Days, Knox, Woodcraft, Armor Bodies, and Brunetto Tshirts; Manchester Honda KTM for getting me the gear and parts I need. All the amazing staff at the track, registration, the officials, flaggers, corner workers, and EMTs. You all make this place run like a top and keep us safe! Last but not least Missy (and Jamie!) I wish you guys could have made it this round!