Title says it all. Iím looking for a rough camper that sleeps 4 (not nuts to butts) that I can store up at the track. Budget is no greater than $2k as itís definitely a nice to have and not a need to have.

I have a 3 place to haul bikes and gear up but that leaves me with tent or truck bed sleeping while Iím there. I donít have storage for an enclosed at the moment so I feel a camper stored at the track would be ideal.

Preferably with a side out and must not be leaking, capable of power hookups and not rotted. The inside can be dated and plumbing can be missing as we usually just use the bath houses there.

I already talked to Anne Marie and I guess there is no limit to the size of the trailer for track storage so the bigger the better as long as itís not over 12000# because Iím limited to a 1/2 ton for moving it at the track. I can borrow a 1 ton to get it there if necessary.