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Ducati Revs Video

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    Ducati Revs Video

    One of our students, Jack Reggio, put together a cool little promo video from our Ducati Revs New England Event this season. In case anyone is considering attending next year, or just has some curiousity as to what goes on during these days, take a look and feel free to offer us any feedback you might have. We want to get more riders out on the track to experience what it is that so many of us love, and I think this could be a great way to do it.

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    Re: Ducati Revs Video

    Sweet! I recognized a few faces besides EBoz and Cook and EricW....great little clip

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    Its an Italian bike...Ive had (have?) a few

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    Re: Ducati Revs Video

    nice job with the video. looking forward to attending this event sometime.

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