Take advantage of the early sign up discounts by getting signed in by midnight on Tuesday for our last date at NHMS this season. It's been nice and warm in these first days of the fall, and we're looking forward to a great event!

Penguin Road Racing School - October 6 Loudon New Hampshire

Final NHMS Event of the Season - Best prices end Tuesday 9/26 at Midnight!-rental-pair-jpg

As with all of our NHMS Friday schools, we have license certification, track experience and advanced courses running - plus our Friday practice for LRRS racers. If you've ever wanted to get licensed and join LRRS, now is a great time to do it. October features the lowest license fees of the season, plus new LRRS riders get Free transponder rental, 1/2 price race entries and access to a mentor for the day. LRRS has, without a doubt, the best introductory race program in the nation. Novice racers are only out with over Novices on Saturday, so you don't have to deal with a fast guy who has been riding for 15 years blowing your doors off on your first race weekend. With the completion of the Penguin Basic License Certification Course on Friday, you can stay and race the following Saturday and Sunday.