It's been a while since we've had a post - as many of you know I (this is Eric typing) took over the LRRS (now NEMRR - NorthEast Motorcycle Road Racing) series together with my partner John Grush and it's been a busy off season. Last season we had to step in last minute to run the series and this year the transition has fully happened as the racing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway is now fully an independent entity. Penguin will still be running on all the Fridays prior to our events, and the series has a number of new features, some of which started last year and several of which are new. One of the things we are most exited about is the new Super Street Series, and that's the focus of this post. The link on the website is here:

Super Street is designed to give track day riders the chance to be part of an NEMRR weekend. This is not a place for racers, as it combines the feel of a track day with a "half step" into racing - basically you get to line up and start like a race but it's all just for fun. If you were EVER and Expert road racer, you're not eligible. If you raced at any level (Am/Nov, etc..) you must have been out of competition for a minimum of 3 years to be considered.

How to participate
In order to be eligible, you simply need to have taken part in a track day (Penguin, Tony's, Fishtail, etc...) in the last 12 months. Penguin is fully behind this, and we've had conversations with Paul/Kerry at Tony's and they are bringing riders as well.
Your previous track day qualifies you for a provisional license, which you purchase at the first event that you do (1/2 the price of a regular license, and if you decide to upgrade to a full license you simply pay the 2nd half at that time). Penguin will be running our traditional classes on the Friday before and that will certainly qualify you as well.

Penguin is making it easy. If you sign up for a Friday class you can add on Super Street right to the entry form on the website. While Penguin and NEMRR are separate companies, Penguin will pay NEMRR for you and handle your initial sign up. If you would like to come for Saturday only please bring your proof of participation (either a cert or even a receipt from a track day) on Friday night and we'll get you all signed in. NEMRR is working on an online registration system that will even work for first time riders (once approved) so you can sign up in advance. More to follow on that!

Bike / Equipment Preparation
In short, if your bike is prepared for the Track Experience course on Friday, then it's 95% of the way done for Saturday. All the same rules apply for riding gear as well, if it's good for Friday, it's good for the weekend. The only thing that you need to add is a transponder bracket (available at the track) and a proper size white number plate background (plate, sticker or even neatly placed white duct tape will do) on the front. You'll be given your number when you buy your provisional license and will put that on with red numbers.

Cost - Track Time - Classes
We'll be doing this 6 times in 2021 (all NHMS events except the Loudon Classic weekend). There is one special Saturday/Sunday event in September. The license is one-time for the year and depends on the date you start (range is $67.50- 32.50). The cost to participate is $155 ($285 for the 2-day event) and that includes your weekend pit pass, two practices, heat race and final. There is classroom in the morning before and between your classroom sessions, as well as coaches circulating in practice (similar to a track day). To start there will be two classes, lightweight and unlimited and bike eligibility will follow the Lightweight Grand Prix rules (either you fit and you're LW or you don't and you're UNL). If participation grows in the future we may introduce a MW class.

The whole idea is to provide a low pressure, fun environment where track day riders can be part of an NEMRR weekend and have a good time. You can watch the NEMRR races between sessions and you'll also take part in the trophy presentation at the end of the day. We've got a fantastic community at NHMS, and can't wait to see a lot of you there. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me at or contact Noelle of NEMRR at