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New stuff for the SV? Sure, why not!!

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    New stuff for the SV? Sure, why not!!

    Woodcraft has two new fantastic upgrades for the popular SV 650 rearsets - both first and second generation!

    First Gen (99-02) We now have an All-new race style GP shift pedal that improves ground clearance and helps prevent damage to the shift shaft (and engine cases) in the event of a crash (Racers asked - we listened).

    99-02 SV650 GP Pedal - $74.99 *WORKS WITH YOUR EXISTING KIT!*
    99-02 SV650 Complete GP Shift Rearset Kit (Regular height) - $339.99
    99-02 SV650 Complete GP Shift Rearset Kit (High mount) - $339.99

    New stuff for the SV?  Sure, why not!!-08-0201square-jpg

    The second generation SV650 (03+) also has a new race style GP shift pedal, plus a complete makeover that features adjustable eccentric footpegs and separate shift levers and pegs (better crash durabilty). With different length shift rods, the SV650 kits can also be used on the 03+ SV1000's as well!

    03+ SV650 Base Standard Shift Kit (OEM pedals) - $259.99
    03+ SV650 Complete Standard Shift Kit (Shown Below)- $399.99

    New stuff for the SV?  Sure, why not!!-05-4225bonbike800x600-jpgNew stuff for the SV?  Sure, why not!!-05-4225brakeonbike800x600-jpg

    03+ SV650 Complete Rearset Kit GP Shift - $399.99

    New stuff for the SV?  Sure, why not!!-05-4227bshiftonbike800x600-jpg

    03+ SV 1000 Complete Rearset Kit GP/STD Shift - $399.99

    **NOTE: For riders who have our old style brackets on the 03+ rearset kits, the new brackets place the peg in the same position as the old one when it is located in the lowest and furthest forward position of the eccentric. This allows riders to replace one side and still have the footpegs at the same height.**

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    Re: New stuff for the SV? Sure, why not!!

    We love you guys (and girls)!

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