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A Big what's up all??

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    I went with you on the ride sunday.........I was on the 954 (of course) Louie is the name for those of you who are "Name Handicapped"

    Had a good time even though that was hardley much of a ride......Maybe next time when the weather is more receptive to riding plans..We can get out and really carve some twisty shitt.

    NOTE: I was the one behaving as not to make a hooligan impression on my first appearance, but now that the "ICE" has been broken.......Wait till you see my 3rd gear mile long standups that don't come down till 115 or I get bored with it :NOTE

    I can't believe you guys were doing little wheelies at the back of the pack....And here i was behaving up front...Just fuggin ITCHING to ripp one up!

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