A few years ago I picked up some kids riding gear that was outgrown before it even got worn. How a kid can be 4'7" in the fall and 6'2" by spring I'll never understand. Probably something to do with Bovine Growth Hormone-laden milk. Anyway, it's time for a new home (for the gear, not the kid); this outfit needs to get muddy.

O'NEAL RACING shirt, size = Kid's Large, Black/Gray/White
O'NEAL RACING Elements pants, size =12T/14T, Black/Gray/White
FOX Pawtectors gloves, size = Kid's 6, black. They are 45.2% nylon, 34.6% synthetic leather, and 7.4% rubber, so no Chinese cows were harmed in the manufacture of these fine gloves.

$26.97 for the whole shebang or make me an interesting offer. Interesting offers sometimes include adult beverages, unless you consider a Coffee Coolada an adult beverage. Please, NO offers on just one or two of the items. The last thing I want is a pair of children's size 6 dirt gloves sitting in a drawer until my grandkids are old enough to ride.

The pants look sorta like the pic below. Not exactly, but I'm too lazy to take photos of the actual item. I stole the picture below from a website. The image is so big that it's almost life size, so just have your offspring stand next to your computer to see whether they fit. If the pants look too small, just have the kid take a few steps back.

The shirt exactly matches the pants that look sorta like the pic below. Except there's an extra hole for the kid's head, and no padding. If the pants fit, the shirt should fit too, unless your kid has some really strange dimensions. But hey, everyone goes through that awkward stage, right?

The gloves seem kind of small compared to the pants and shirt. Maybe small hands is why my kid never could grip a football and won't be playing in the NFL - which is probably a good thing. At least I had someone to call whenever a tiny moto-bolt dropped into a hard to reach spot. His hands are now appropriately sized for a 6'2" teenager.

Back to me being lazy - I'd rather not mail the stuff. But I'll be at the TTD on the 21st-23rd and can bring them with me. Or I could probably somehow get them to NHMS for the next round of LRRS. Or we could figure out some kind of delivery involving riding motorcycles.

Lemme know if you're interested.