So i picked up this bike a few months ago thinking i'd have the time to fix it and ride it. Well as it turns out, with school starting soon I really don't have the time to work on her.
The bike is originally from Arizona, fell on a trailer so it's missing the shifter peg and will need a shift rod.

The good:
-Sil moto exhaust
-extreme tech steering damper
-carbon fiber front fender and front cowl( will need to be painted over as the clear on them wore off)
-bike does start but dies soon after

The bad:
-Since owner lost the title getting a new one from Arizona has been hectic soo far, it's been quite a process so far.
-bike will need carb work.

Will make a good track bike

Asking price is 1300. I will accept reasonable offers.
Monster M750 for sale-photo-1-jpg
Monster M750 for sale-photo-5-jpg
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Monster M750 for sale-20140812_180736-jpg
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Monster M750 for sale-20140812_180941-jpg