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We're not in Kansas anymore...

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    We're not in Kansas anymore...

    If $$ wasn't a factor, would you still buy, or find it a distraction? idk...seems like it would add "noise" to the enjoyment of simply riding. Just because it can be done, doesn't necessarily mean it should be done. Personally, I could do without it.


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    Oh, I forgot to add, I charge double for Kawasaki's

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    Re: We're not in Kansas anymore...

    i think it would make sense for some people, who use motorcycles to get around - gps would be good for motorcycle/scooter delivery people in some of the big cities, for example. For an extended road trip, i wouldn't mind a gps in the corner, but i'd want something that would plug in, or have proximity charging somehow, so i didn't have to stop and wait for ti to charge every 9 hours. it would also be nice to have that capability when trying to get somewhere i've never been (which now results in my taking the car, so i can gps). and the e-tint visor should have happened a long time ago.

    all that said, no i wouldnt get one now for the riding i do, but if the tech gets developed further, i would consider it (as long as it was as safe as other options out there)

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    Re: We're not in Kansas anymore...

    I've followed them for a little, tried to get a prototype to test (they had a bunch out there, filled out an online app), and admittedly pretty curious.
    But I don't think I'd pay that much for one, especially at that price point.

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    Re: We're not in Kansas anymore...

    I want one as long as I can turn the review camera off.

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