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let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

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    I Dance With Will
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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    this is also a good comment from http://www.powersportsnetwork.com/en...=7144&veh=5924

    From that article:
    I recently purchased a new 600f4i (red/silver) and can't brag it up enough. I mean, holy sh@t, do you really need anything faster? I'm a big guy - 227lbs, so you'd think I'd need something like a 954 or RC51 or something. Not a chance. With the thousands I saved going with the little guy, I'm willing to overlook the 0.2 second difference to 60mph and 0.5 second difference in the quarter-mile. I'm sorry, but as for top speed -- Who cares? I had her up to 140mph and a bug nearly ended my life! Seriously though, back to the subject at hand. Yeah I'm cheezed that they made something better already - only because it's not gonna help my resale. I'm giving the F4i FIVE STARS, so if the RR is better still -- is there a six star option? By the way, does anyone know where to find some good quality pics of a red/silver '02 f4i?

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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    Yip. Here's a picture of mine.



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    let me ask those who owns 900 and plus bikes.

    I like you started on a 600. Sometimes it seems a little week around town. That would be my primary reason for wanting a litre bike.

    Whenever I start thinking I'm in need of more bike I just get out of the city in the twisties. My 600 screams up top. There is no denying how fast the current 600's are.

    Either way I wont be getting rid of my bike any time soon. I am still paying it off and wouldn't be able to get enough for it to buy a new one. I'd prob buy a second bike before I sold my 600. Something a little more comfy for long distance treks.

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    "You never see a motorcycle parked outside of a psychiatrists office"

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