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my first real plated (reg.) was a honda

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    my first real plated (reg.) was a honda

    500T not mutch hp but i could flip it around like a toy used 2 run the shit out of it in the turns & passed them old 750s like easy its funny how i knew they where faster on the slab so i never went slabing if the road had turns i was in front no match .we used 2 cafe race around (bars)

    wrong lever again wtf fucking kronkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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    my first real plated (reg.) was a honda

    Ya, my first bike was a Honda also.... an early 60's Super 90. it was fun, I rode it on RT 17 in VT quite a bit, but mostly on the dirt roads in that area.

    every other kid in town owned it before me so it was a beat up POS, 3 months after I got it, one day while riding downhill on a steep gravel road at 75-80mph, the motor kept saying feed me, feed me more gazoline... the motor was so hungry, it decided to eat the valves.

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