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Stay frosty....

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    Stay frosty....

    Wow... got my bike out of storage this morning and played hooky.

    I can't believe how much *more* asleep the cagers are right now. I guess they're not expecting to see a motorcycle. Funny cause no one has been yelling at me on my bicycle or trying to run me off the road.

    First block out of the dealership I had 2 cars turn left in front of me, then at the light at the end of the block a dork in a Saab cut me off with no turn signal.

    After that everything was cool for a while and then an elderly guy took a left turn from the far right lane (no signal) in front of me.


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    Stay frosty....

    Shit... was that you this afternoon JC? I thought you were some squid on a scooter that wouldn't get out of my way. Try some of that orange soap, it should get out the rubber marks I left on your jacket!

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