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CBR issues

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    CBR issues

    00 CBR600F4

    The starter turns over very slowly, like a weak battery. Apparently it's been doing it for weeks, but it will start and run, somewhat roughly. It's got the appropriate model AGM battery. I tried charging it, but no change. Most battery issues I've had in the past were quick and no start. Is it possible this battery is holding V at level just enough to start for this long? Could that low V in the battery cause rough running/stalling??

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    Re: CBR issues

    Many possibilities unfortunately.

    Is the battery actually holding a charge? Throw a multimeter on it and see if it's holding voltage.

    If it was a reg / rec issue charging the battery should have at least made it start easier.

    Could be a bad starter. That shouldn't make it run rough.

    Outside chance at a float being stuck open, flooding a cylinder with fuel, making it hard to start, and run like crap.
    Try taking out the plugs and starting it. It won't start, but if fuel shoots out, you'll know.

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    Re: CBR issues

    Also worth checking all of your grounds, those are free to check out and can definitely cause a weak starter.

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