I just bought an armored vest, selling my back protectors.

First is a re-branded Alpinestars Bionic back protector (it has Triumph logos on it), purchased at Precision Triumph a couple years ago. Size LARGE, shows a little sign of wear, over all in good/very good condiiton. I'm 5"10", ~195lbs, 34" inseam, muscular beer drinking 40 year old... This fits me perfect around the waist and could accommodate a size or two larger and smaller. The shoulder straps have lost some of their elasticity and it fits a bit loose up top, I only wore this under a 1 piece suit so that was never an issue. If you were to be wearing it under a shirt I'd recommend this for people no smaller than me. Worn only for 5 trackdays, no funk, no smell, no issues. Retails for $100 I think, selling for $50

Second is a Knox Ricochet back protector, purchased a 5-6 years ago but never worn, I liked the fit of the A* better... Tagged as a 510mm torso size, feels SLIGHTLY bigger than the A* back protector so probably more of a XL size? Overall in very good condition, shows minimal signs of wear, similar issue with the degrading elasticity of the shoulder straps, in the picture I have them cinched all the way up and it feels similarly loose to the other one I'm selling. Same feel around the waist, fits me great and could accommodate a size or two larger and smaller. Used to retail for $150, selling for $50

Located in Rhode Island, willing to ship on your dime, pm here or email jeantarrou75@gmail.com with interest.