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Azaro II's are awsome

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    Azaro II's are awsome

    As I posted a couple days ago, I crashed into a cage over the weekend, no apparent damage.

    yesterday, I took off on my SV to run some errands, about an 80 mile loop total. As soon as I took off, something felt wrong, very heavy steering and pogo stick like bouncing on bumps, I thought to myself, maybe I did do some serious damage, I decided to keep on going cause the handling although something felt wrong, didn't feel dangerous. the first stretch of the ride was gravel roads and cornering although heavy steering was excellent, same when I got on pavment, I kept going and decided that I would stop by Rochester Motorsports on the return, as it was right on route.

    At my first stop, while getting some paperwork from my tailpack, I noticed the rear tire looked like it had just completed a track day..... why should it be so hot & melty? I hadn't been doing any knee dragging, and speeds were only 60-70mph.

    As soon as I touched the tire... I knew what was wrong, there weren't no freeking air in it, I hopped back on and rode across the street to a service station and had a plug put in, then continued on my errands.

    I rode 30 miles on a tire that was completly flat, In my book, Azaro's are a run-flat tire.

    the tires were due to be replaced so I already had new ones (winter tires-pirelli MT60's) on order.

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    Azaro II's are awsome

    Always pushing limits of the motorcycle:
    - riding with teethless sprockets;
    - flat tires;
    - can't wait what it is next.:o

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