All depends on the dealer...
Some are "Tight Assed Dickwads"
Usually, you can work out something like some gear or service. They usually have some kind of deal going on. Don't expect to get anything off on New Year Models..

I know one place that lost out... CYCLES 128..

My Brother in law went there to buy a 4 wheeler..well the sales manager...(some Foreign speaking idiot) wouldn't budge for 300 bucks off of the price, knowing they could..

So...My Brother in Law and I went down the street a ways, and bought his 4 wheeler there with the 300 bucks off, and gear was thrown in to boot!

The funny thing is, that all his friends have all purchased 4 wheelers from this place and they have moved better than $30,000 of Rec vehicles! Looks like Cycles 128 lost out BIG TIME!
Well at least this guy lost out on commisions, and any other kind of sales from these people.

Shop around, there are some deals to be had...