I was watching the session at Pocono when the red flag came out. Then 2 ambulances, then chopper... I did not know who the guy was and left on Sunday before they told everyone. Keep the shiney side up.

It's hard to describe my feeling of shock when I read of the fatality at
Summit Point. A similar tragedy occurred at Pocono on Saturday. I'm almost
too numb to type this message.

Team Pro-Motion has four groups: black (racer), blue, red, white. Because
of the low attendance, black and blue were combined on Saturday. Because I
slept late, I skipped the first session so I would not have to rush to get
ready. It was red-flagged after three laps, and my two friends returned to
the paddock. One had passed the incident moments after and saw the rider
motionless and contorted.

We could see the ambulance and two fire trucks in the distance, on the North
Course banking. Then we saw the helicopter.

We know the rider was on new tires. Everything else is speculative. Leaned
over on the banking at speed, on the apron, he may have lost the front, and
as he leaned more to the right (North Course is clockwise), his peg may have
caught the tiger stripes. He was thrown across the track into the wall.

We were told of his death at the end of the day on Sunday. Glen Goldman
said that it was the first fatality among the local track clubs (TPM, Reduc,
and NESBA).

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