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MotoGP 2014 Recap (Spoilers Possible)

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    MotoGP 2014 Recap (Spoilers Possible)

    So I watched the last round a Valencia this weekend and I've got to say that this has been the best season to watch in a few years. Some history was made by Marquez, Rossi finished in a strong second, and a number of other riders were looking super strong at the end of the season. Bradley Smith seems to be getting consistently better so it'll be interesting to see how he'll do next season.

    Suzuki's wild card bike only made it a few laps so I wonder if thats a foretelling of what will happen for next season. With them and Aprilia having confirmed entries for the 2015 season, it'll be interesting to see how they fare. Honda and Yamaha have been super strong and Ducati seems to be getting their bikes figured out again.

    I'm excited for next season...anyone else?

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    Re: MotoGP 2014 Recap (Spoilers Possible)

    Excited 100%

    Watching Marquez has been an absolute privilege. Its like watching Jordan in his prime. What else can you say other than the man has been absolutely brilliant?

    Suzuki wild card entry... Makes you wonder. How does a bike that's gone through extensive testing blow 3 motors in a weekend?

    If what I've seen from Aprilia in WSBK is any indication of things to come in Moto GP, we're in for a hell of a season.

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    Re: MotoGP 2014 Recap (Spoilers Possible)

    I agree. It's been a great season to watch.

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    Re: MotoGP 2014 Recap (Spoilers Possible)

    I missed most of the races...

    What's the youtube channel where the dude puts them up??

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