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Paging PlasticWeld....

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    Talking Paging PlasticWeld....

    Paging Plasticweld.... I need the color code of the paint that you used on Degsys bike. I would love to have you do the work but the startup costs have been a little more than expected. My uncle owns a body shop and said that he will do it for cheap money. I would still like to put your name on the bike as it is on Degsys so the bikes will look the same.. I am sure that I will need your services the first time that I crash .....

    Drop me a line and let me know...

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    Paging PlasticWeld....

    I will give you the paint codes of the PPG paint that I use. when I go out to the shop next time, they are just for your info if you do not have access to PPG paint . the yellow color is that of a Ducati yellow and a Yamaha pearl white, which is the same as the Kawasaki white with less pearl. I don't know who you get your paint from, so my codes may mean nothing. If you cant find the paint I can always mail you some

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