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FYI: Loud pipes at Hampton Beach...

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    FYI: Loud pipes at Hampton Beach...

    From a co-worker:

    Saturday July 13th, she went on a fund-raiser ride, "piss on cancer". Her boyfriends bike broke down (belt broke; yes, I gave her hell for not carrying a spare) so she rode in the support truck.

    The ride was to end a Wally's Pub in Hampton Beach. These were mostly cruiser type bikes.

    All riders were stopped and ticketed for loud exhaust, 60$.
    All 50 bikes.
    No measurement or test proceedure was used.


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    FYI: Loud pipes at Hampton Beach...

    I just read an article in the Union Liar that said Hampton passed an ordinance that says the PO-lice are now allowed to use their judgement as to noise levels, and ticket 'offenders' as they see fit. Oh yeah, THAT'LL hold up if fought...

    It's bad enough that we let them interpret and enforce these laws as they see 'em. Now we're supposed to rely on their hearing to determine when ANY noise coming from a vehicle is so excesive that it's imposing on others' right to quality living?

    I'm sure if the group that was on the CHARITY RIDE was to take this to the state level, they could EASILY get those dropped. In fact, if they ALL fought it TOGETHER, I bet it would raise enough eyebrows and people would realize that what they're doing now in Hampton is highly illegal...

    What's next? You gotta be able to stand flat footed on your bike to be able to legally ride it? If you have long hair, you can't ride 'cuz your helmet won't fit properly? Who are they to fuckin' judge noise levels without the aid of the proper equipment?

    It's a friggin' outrage! A white devil's conspiricy!

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