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Upcoming Weekend Ride

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    Question Upcoming Weekend Ride

    Gentleman what, where do things stand as far as the ride for this upcoming weekend. I have seen the ride rules posted up, but nothing about the the day/time/route. Please fill me in.

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    Upcoming Weekend Ride

    Okay, here's what I've come up with so far. (I have no problem discussing routes for this as summa us are gonna have pillions, thus making it a ride on the mellow side. Also, I've thrown in a coupla scenic routes too for those looking for photo opp's...)

    Meet at the Mall at 10:00...

    Take some local roads around Lake Massabesic to get to route 107...

    Take 107 north to route 28...

    28 north for a coupla miles to route 126...

    126 to route 202A, which will take us to route 11. There's a Burger King at that junction...

    11 West for a coupla miles to route 153...

    153 up to the Conway area, back track a few miles and hit Bear Notch Road off of the Kanc. Bear Notch's road surface sucks, but the views are outrageous...

    Take 302 west up through Nawford's Crotch, er....Crawford's Notch to route 3...

    Take 3 down to route 93, passing through Franconia Notch, and get off at exit 32. I realize the whole slab thing, but it's only for a few miles. And those that want to, we can stop for some pix of The Bloke On The Bump (Old Man Of The Mountain)...

    From exit 32, we have a few really nice options. We can take route 118 south, we can take the Kanc from west to east, or we can take 175 south...

    At that point, summa us are gonna hafta decide what we need to do. I know there's a few of us that have plans for later on, and I gotta be back at my place by 4:00 or so...

    Word to the wise: The 'notches' we'll be passing through have weather systems of their own. It's bad enough the weather geeks can't get shit right, but shit's ALWAYS changing up through there. Take it as you may...

    I'd like to hear from snowboarder about routes once we get back over to 93...
    Check the thread that says Aug. 10th ride.

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