Got this from the Gixxer list, It's from Eric Wood

I just got back from NHIS and wanted to give everyone an update on what we can expect for this coming weekend. Bob Bahre has made several attempts to get the track prepared well before this weekend but has been met with unexpected issues ranging from weather to material suppliers missing thier dealines. He contacted us yesterday and had me come up to the track to help him make a layout for this weekend. Bob volunteered spend the money to pave what we needed to ride, and he has to tear it up to re-do it after we are done. I'm just getting to know Bob, but for anyone who is interested he's a pretty good guy who wants to do right by us. We got another load of airfence to go with all the stuff we got last year as well.

As far as the track goes, turns 3 & 4 of the Nascar oval are still unpaved (they have all they can do to get us turns 2 and 10). We set up a different version of the double chicane used last year in turns 11/12, which a lot of guys liked by weekend's end, that I think is even better than last year's version. It's laid out wide enough that there is no need for a no passing zone, and there is run off for the 2nd turn (unlike last season). We will use our current pit lane as the front straight (which is nearly exactly the same width as the current front straight) and make a tighter bend into turn 1. There are plenty of airbags to protect everything, but I feel pretty comfortable that we won't get too close to them. It will actually be a pretty fun layout, I'm looking forward to the challenge of learning something different. I don't think that gearing will be any different....the straight may be a bit shorter as we will have to brake earlier for turn one. We'll run pit lane on the upper pit road all weekend.

I tried to give you all the information I have, I will be out most of the next few days so answering questions may be a bit tough. I think that we will have a good weekend and will work with the track to make sure that the layout is as safe and fun as possible for everyone. Penguin practice will start a bit earlier this year...we are looking to get things going at 2:40 or so in order to squeeze in a couple extra sessions. See you on Friday!

Eric Wood
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