OK peeps, there are so many things moving forward with NESR racing my head is spinning.

We will be ordering the shirts and hats VERY soon.

We have a couple of corporate sponsors in the pipeline, but we are looking for more (of course).

What does this involve? Well, it involves giving us a check (of course). The up side for the sponsor is that they get their company name and logo on the hats, shirts (pit and polo shirts), the race banner we are having made for the canopy, and on the bike. We will also host corporate guests at race meetings and they will receive NESR racing goodies (hats, shirts etc etc). The riders will also promote the goods or services of the sponsor whenever possible. We can take the bikes to a sponsor's premises for a "show and tell" type deal with photographs etc. The sponsor gets to promote themselves as being involved in grass-roots privateer racing.

Now, on to the cost. The actual cost to NESR racing to put logo's on everything is about $5 per item. We are estimating ordering around 40 hats, 40 shirts (polo) and 20 shirts (pit). That alone is $500 extra just for us to accept a sponsor. So, what we are asking for from a corporate sponsor is our costs for stitching and decals plus the cost of 1 race weekends entry fees (total cost $1100 for 1 year on sponsorship).

Race team ownership (where 1 sponsor is the ONLY sponsor of that team) is also viable at a cost of $5000.00 per race season. However, the team will always have NESR racing in the name, ragerdless of who owns the sponsorship rights for that year.

If you think this may be something that you employer or your company may be interested in please contact me via email dasinclair@attbi.com