Here's a copy of an email I received from Tony Iannarelli regarding the SRNE 2003 Track Dates

OK all you speed freaks.

Here are the tentative dates for 2003... mark your calendars now.

Monday........ May 19th..... the day after an LRRS event

Wednesday.......July 2nd....... there is an LRRS event on the 5th and

Tuesday.......August 26th....... there is an LRRS event on the 30th and

For the first event (May 19th), we're going to try running right
Lunch to see how it goes. This, combined with 2 ambulances, should
everyone plenty of track time. If it works, then we'll do it for the

Also, keep in mind the fee structure.

$175 for Pre Sign up (Postmarked at least 15 days in advance of the

$200 for Late Sign up (Postmarked between 15 and 5 days)

$250 for At Track Sign up (assuming there are spaces available)

NOTE: This fee structure is subject to change if the Track Fees

Happy Holidays to all!


Tony Iannarelli