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Weekend Stuff....

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    Weekend Stuff....

    1) Bring warm, dry clothes! Dress like we're gonna get a foot of snow with blinding winds and driving rain. Seriously. NHIS is a Bermuda Triangle of sorts: ya just never know there. Be prepared for ANY type of weather!

    2) Behave if/when you're representing NESR Racing (or any other race team for that matter!) in any way! Derek already touched on this in another thread, but ya never know who's watching us. Please, let's start this season off right....

    3) Anyone's welcome to stay at our place this weekend. But ya hafta keep in mind that the RACERS will have dibs on the 'deluxe' accomidations. This isn't to say we're gonna make ya sleep in the garage, we have plenty of floor space. It isn't to slight anyone, I just wanna make sure the people racing are plenty rested. If you plan on staying at our place, it's suggested that you bring a small air mattress (we don't have a compressor) and/or a sleeping bag - or similar - if at all possible...

    4) Have fun, damnit! Even if it fuggin' kills ya! Just have fun!

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    yep yep ima thinking ima caging up

    i hate freezing my cookies off , i will b rdy . for the land of ice & snow where the hot bikes go !!!

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    Re: yep yep ima thinking ima caging up

    Originally posted by beet
    i hate freezing my cookies off , i will b rdy . for the land of ice & snow where the hot bikes go !!!

    ... the howling CBRs / will drive our lads to new times...

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