Snow hit the ground, time to put the bikes to bed for the season. Mine went fine, no problems.
The Kuntana on the other hand.....
First off, to get the plastics off, you have to take off the mirrors, turn signals, and windscreen.
Then , taking the gas tank off, I didn't see an off position on the dial , and spilled some gas getting the lines off until I figured out that Up is off. So now the basement stinks like gas for the rest of the day.
Now to the spark plugs, turns out that the plug socket is different from the one I used on the ninja, and of course I don't have an 18mm. deep socket. I head out to the local hardware store to buy one. Get home and wouldn't you know, Its a 1/2 in drive and my extension is a 3/8, so i go back to the store to buy the adaptor, get back home and the socket is to fat to fit down the hole. So I go back out to get another. go to the closest auto parts store, only the sign says they have moved. I go to the next one down the street, only they are closed on sundays. Finally the third one is open and they have an 18mm spark plug socket, and of course when I get this one home, its too fat too.
I call the local suzuki dealer to see if they can help, He tells me that there is a plug socket that comes in the tool bag with the bike, and if it isn't there then I can just file down the outside of my socket that is too thick.Down to the bike and of course the previous owner kept that socket from the tool bag.
I put the $3 socket that I just bought into the bench vice and start to file away to thin down the outside...........Have you ever tried to file by hand a cromed hardened steel socket? Safe yourself an hour and take my word for it, it won't work.
So if I can't find anyone that has a factory tool bag for a 93 kuntana I guess i might be able to find one at a junkyard
Well atleast I have a walkin basement to work on the bike, being that it is spread out all over the place right now.
I hope that this is not going to be the least of my worries with this bike........
00zx7R his
93kat600 hers